York Barbell, 300 lbs, Standard, Olympic, Weight Set w/ 2 inch plate holes
York Barbell, 300 lbs, Standard, Olympic, Weight Set w/ 2 inch plate holes

Home Gym Overview
Plates may or may not have ink

Get this set of unmachined, black, weight plates to match others that you have. Many different companies offer black, unmachined plates, which are very economical. We are including a seven foot bar. These are economical, home gym weights with a well known, brand name.

The unmachined surface of the weight plates does not show scratches as much. They do not slip as much in the hands of other styles. Best of all they are very economical. You need your weights to look good.

Olympic, Weight Set Features
  • Brand: York Barbell

  • Weight Plate Color: Black. Slight variation in color.

  • Unmachined Suface

  • Cast Iron

  • Two, 2 1/2-lb, weight plates

  • Four, 5-lb, weight plates

  • Two, 10-lb, weight plates

  • Two, 25-lb, weight plates

  • Two, 35-lb, weight plates

  • Two, 45-lb, weight plates

  • Olympic Bar

    • Color: Solid chrome

    • Weight: 44 lbs.

    • Length: 7 foot

    • Test Strength: 700 Lbs

  • one pairs of Spring Clip Collars are included with the weightlifting bar

All Standard Olympic Plates
The 700 lb Test, Olympic Bar
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It is important to have a weightlifting bar with a higher test strength than the the weight of the weight plates you are buying so that it will not bend. The weight at which a bar will bend is less than its test strength. The test strength is the weight at which the bar can bend, and then return to its original straightness. It is also a measure of the strength and long term resilience of the weightlifting bar. Now you can have this bar with your York Barbell's, Olympic, weight plates. This is complete with everything that you need to get stronger. If you are a real-time bodybuilder, you are probably working out with a set like this. Get another set for your partner or to use.

Spring Collars included
We are including 2, spring collars with your purchase. It is so easy to lose a pair of spring collars because they are so small. For safety reasons, you need to have collars on your seven foot, Olympic bar while exercising so that you do not sprain yourself and drop weight plates one somebody. It will save time to get this bar instead of another one without collars because you will have to move the collars from one bar to the other between exercises.

Weight Plates Set
Home Gym Warranty
This warranty applies to use in an average home. We are so confident that this product is free of any defects, if anything goes wrong with the weight plates or the metal bar parts as a result of their craftsmanship, we will replace it for one year of use. The bushings of the bar have a warranty of one year. The paint and rust are not included in this warranty. Bending of the bar is not covered under the warranty either. The warranty is only valid in the continental, 48, US states. This warranty does not apply to intentional damage cause my vandals or deliberate misuse.

Weight Plates Set
Shipping and Payment Conditions
Shipping costs US $ 180.00 for the first pair and $100.00 for each additional in the lower 48, US States. 2 week delivery when ordered individually. Please call 877 DO 4 REPS with any questions. This item only ships to the 48, contiguous, continental, US states. Include your appartment number with your address after making a purchase. We need a valid phone number in order to process any returns. We can not ship without a phone number. All payments must go through Pay Pal's standard service. We can only ship to a confirmed Pay Pal address.E-mail our sales department if you need a quote for a complete gym. Payment must be made in full at time of order. Please see our policies page for a complete breakdown of all our payment and shipping conditions. We are sure you have many questions on your mind about us. Please contact us with any questions about any of our products. Look for special savings this month on our home page.

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