York Barbell, Olympic, Spin Lock Collars
York Barbell, Olympic, Spin Lock Collars

    Commercial, Fitness Equipment Specifications
  • Brand: York Barbell

  • Weight: 11 lbs

  • Color: Black

  • Hole Diameter: 2 inch

  • Function: Secure weight plates to an Olympic bar's sleeve

  • A bolt and wing nut assembly tightens the collar to the bar

  • A spin lock system keeps the weight plates tight on the Olympic sleeve.

  • Quantity Sold w Each Purchase: Sold in Pairs

Olympic, Spin Lock Collars
Commercial, Fitness Equipment Overview
Get two, spin lock collars to protect the chrome finish of your Olympic sleeves and firmly secure the weight plates on the sleeve. They protect your bars and provide all the safety benefits of other collars for weights. These keep the weight plates from turning on the sleeve for additional protection and a better feel. They are an excellent choice for both health club owners, advanced, home gym users and people who do Olympic style weight lifting.

Other styles can mark the surface of the sleeves when you tighten them repeatedly. They allow for the weight plates to slip and slide on the bar which loosens the collars and effects the feel of exercises. There is less of a chance of these collars slipping from alot of weight with these because there is more surface area in contact with the bar sleeve and the hold the plates tight. The inside surface of these collars is smooth so it will not damage the chrome paint if it does slip. The two wing nut bolt assemblies allow the user to tighten it without marking the bar. While the other styles of collars are more economical, the appearance of your bars becomes worse over time. Consider how much you spend on the Olympic bars for your gym, and look at them. If they are really designed for Olympic style lifting, weight lifters will want their weight plates secure on the bar when they practice their movements. The spin of the sleeves is very important to Olympic weight lifting. Loose plates can disrupt the feel of Olympic style movements. Improve you maximum by using these collars when you do the clinch and the clean and jerk. Get real Olympic weight lifting equipment for your gym today.

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This Olympic collar is much tighter on the bar than any other model. Not only is it tight to the bar, it keeps the weight plates tight. Your bars will look very shiny if people who use them take the time to tighten these collars correctly. It does not really take that long. Tighten the two wing nuts, and then spin the inner collar into the weight plates. The benefits of having a secure barbell are definitely worth the extra effort. You will look like a serious weightlifter with these collars. It is so important to be safe when working out with free weights. Heavy duty, commercial, fitness equipment will make your gym safer. It is harder for member to take large 5 lb, collars with them then the small spring collars. There is the added benefit of durability too. The spring type model breaks and bends easily creating a shortage of equipment. You avoid having that problem when you have these spin lock collars They are also used for competition weightlifting. Get these for your gym so that people can compete against each other as a work out motivation. If you want people to see results, get these spin lock collars for your gym.

Olympic, Spin Lock Collars
Commercial, Fitness Equipment Warranty
This warranty is a 90 day warranty. It applies to use by a family in a typical home. If there is any damage as a result of a defects in the workmanship or material of these collars we will repair or replace them. This warranty does not cover neglect, misuse or normal wear and tear. This warranty becomes void after the collars are transfered to a new owner. It is only valid within the United States. You have all the rights implied by this warranty and by your states laws.

Olympic, Spin Lock Collars
Shipping and Payment Conditions
Shipping costs $15.00 for the first pair and $7.00 for each additional pair in the contiguous, 48, US states. Please provide city, state and zip code with any quote request. Please call 877 DO 4 REPS toll free to pay by phone with a Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express. The collars ship out within 5 days. We allow 30 days for a return for refund if in unused condition. The purchaser is responsible for paying return shipping. Call (203) 613-3779 if you are in Canada. Please see our policies page for a complete breakdown of all our payment and shipping conditions. We are sure you have many questions on your mind about us. Please contact us with any questions about any of our products. Look for special savings this month on our home page.

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