Amber Sports, Wrestling Dummy
Amber Sports, Wrestling Dummy

Commercial, Fitness Equipment Overview
This wrestling dummy is perfect for practicing holds and punching. It takes a specific set of muscles to punch an opponent while you are holding on to him. With a boxing bag you can get in close and do hooks. With a wrestling dummy you can grab on and punch. Instinctively people do not punch each other. It is important to train if you want to break this instinct, and become effective at self defense. Practice punching the wrestling dummy in the face while you hold him in a head lock. Put your foot on the wrestling dummy like it was someones chest, and practice punching it in the head. Punt it like it was a football. Grab the head like you were holding on to someone's ears and kick the gut or knee the face of the wrestling dummy. All of these moves are difficult to practice on an opponent because the repetition required for building strength could injure your training partner. This wrestling dummy is made from durable, PowerTek vinyl so that you can kick and punch it to your heart's content. Get ready for a real, Mixed Martial Arts Battle by practicing hitting moves by yourself. Give one to a freind if you think he needs to work on this. Get a wrestling dummy today.

This wrestling dummy is three feet tall. If your son is a little bit too old for teddy bears and into martial arts, this is an excellent good gift for him. Give one to your training partner if he needs to practice punching during holds. We will have this gift wrapped. Tell us to ship it to another address. They will not know who gave it to them!

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Wrestling Dummy
Commercial, Fitness Equipment Warranty

90 day warranty. Our warranty applies to constant use in a professional gym. This is a warranty for full commercial, fitness equipment usage. This Wrestling Dummy can be used 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and we will repair the vinyl if anything goes wrong. Returns within 14 days of purchase are allowed for a full refund. The customer must pay for return shipping.

Wrestling Dummy
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