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Fitness Models

Danijela Crevar Website
Nicole Weeks
Fitness Consultant Home
Tanja Baumann Fitness Consultant & Personal Fitness Trainer Miss Millennium / World Champion Aerobic Fitness, offers personal training in Switzerland and online. Library of exercise routines, videos & articles available.
Lisa Brewer
Connie Garner Miss World Fitness
Izabella Hochkeppel
Katie Uter's Website Website
Anna Lisa Potz Website
Annette Milbers Website
Carla Dunlap Website
Monica Brant Website
Jenny Lynn Fitness
Julie Palmer, IFBB Model
Julie Lohre, IFBB Model
Diana Dennis Website
Eva Birath, Fitness Model
Danielle Rouleau
Grace Grimes
Jolanda Beuving
Liza Hughs
Nancy Georges
Allison Ethier
Nicole Rollolazo
Rosa-Maria Romero
Tanya Merryman
Cathy Savage
Callie Marunde
Inge Neverauskaite
Elsa Lautala
Athletic Women Magazine, female bodybuilder
John Stutz
David Fish
Denise Austin's Fit Forever
Fit Forever! is my online exercise and diet plan for getting fit, eating right, and feeling great! A personal fitness program that allows you to customize your daily exercise routine by focusing on your own fitness level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) and one of three fat zones — the parts of women's bodies that predominantly store fat: the midsection, the lower body, and the upper body.
Kristin Reisinger
This site incorporats the Parrillo principles of dieting for competition into the program. Stick to these basic principles religiously each day for competition. It also incorporates weight training, plyometrics, sprinting and endless aerobic acitivity into the program.
Fitness Twins
Adria and Natalie are identical twins who also happen to be World Champion fitness competitors, personal wellness coaches, and motivational speakers.
Amy Peters
Angie Lustrick
April Hunter
April Hunter Fan Page
Brenda Kelly
Carla Sanchez
Diana Chaloux
Dina Al-Sabah
Donna Aston
Elena Prezidentova
Gail Kim
Gina Aliotti
Heidi Sullivan
Jennifer Chamberlin
Jenny Hendershott Ms Olympia
Jenny Hendershott's and Nicole Wilkins's Phat Camp
Joanna Zapolska
Joey Bull
Kiana Tom
Kim Lyons
Kimberly Fisher
Kristia Knowles
Lexie Fyfe
Linda Cusmano
Madoka Saitou
Margaret Diubaldo
Marjo Selin
Mercedes Khani
Michelle Berger
Mindi Obrien
Nancy Dinino
Natasha Vita More
Sandra Wickham
Shana Verstegen
Sue Heintze
Susanne Gustoffson
Tammy Rosiek
Tanji Johnson
Timea Majorova
Tracy Greenwood
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We have a colorful directory of links to web sites about many topics of interest to bodybuilders. We have links to sites with information about bodybuilding. We have the personal sites of famous male bodybuilders and female bodybuilders. We also have sites dedicated to fitness models who compete in the IFBB. For people who are old enough, there is an adult section where you can see all of the bodybuilder. For people just getting started, or only interested in staying in shape, there are links to sites with fitness information. If you are into fitness for the competitive aspect, look at websites dedicated to powerlifting and Olympic, Weight Lifting. Many healthclubs are having inline boxing classes and even martial arts, so learn more about getting a combat work out. If your are bodybuilding for the health benefits of losing weight and gaining strength, we have links to sites about this. We have links to larger directories for fitness and even general directories. No matter where you are, you can find something you want in our directory. If you can not find what you want at Bodybuilder Fitness, look for it in another online store. We hope you have an excellent, Internet experience.

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