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bodybuilder photoFitness is a growing concern in families and communities across America. Finding quality exercise equipment is a struggle for many. We carry versatile, durable equipment that people can use to get in excellent shape.
  • We provide a variety of equipment options for various fitness regimens.

  • Our main focus is on providing a wide range of different barbells for our customers.

  • We also have a selection of martial arts and boxing equipment.

  • Our fitness options are often more versatile and easier to store than other gym equipment.

  • Exercise with our products can help people perform better in any sport.

  • We have equipment for any environment from home to health club.

We offer fitness products for both individuals and institutions. Whether you are looking for equipment for a residence, a hotel or even a full service health club, we have options available here that will fit your needs.

There are undoubtedly people in your family or community who want to improve their health with exercise, but quality, fitness equipment is not available to them. Accessible, gym equipment that works well can help satisfy anyone's fitness aims.

Someone can start from any-where, and with regular exercise using the proper equipment, become a picture of health. Our founder, Jeremy Ulrich, lost 95 lbs last year through diet and exercise. You can see the difference in his appearance from the following photos. Everyone could have results like this, if the right tools were available.

If you have any questions about how our products will fit your needs, do not hesitate to call us. We know what fitness equipment will help people look and feel better because we use it too!

A Transformation Through Fitness

18 months of diet and exercise

Help Make Commitments

"If I can do it, anyone can do it. All it takes to succeed are the right tools, and the will to use them."
-Jeremy Ulrich, bodybuilderfitness.com founder
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Commercial financing available.
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Our Motto
We are the premier provider of professional, strength training, commercial, fitness equipment, home gyms and boxing gear for a serious work out. You do not have to be a bodybuilder to become one. You need the right tools.
Home, Recumbent, Ball, Exercise Bike On Sale
Get an exercise bike for your home that will provide you with a full body work-out. Never get bored riding an exercise bike again. There are many options with two pairs of resistance bands to use as you pedal. 
Sale Price: $375.00
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We have a colorful directory of links to web sites about many topics of interest to bodybuilders. We have links to sites with information about bodybuilding. We have the personal sites of famous male bodybuilders and female bodybuilders. We also have sites dedicated to fitness models who compete in the IFBB. For people who are old enough, there is an adult section where you can see all of the bodybuilder. For people just getting started, or only interested in staying in shape, there are links to sites with fitness information. If you are into fitness for the competitive aspect, look at websites dedicated to powerlifting and Olympic, Weight Lifting. Many healthclubs are having inline boxing classes and even martial arts, so learn more about getting a combat work out. If your are bodybuilding for the health benefits of losing weight and gaining strength, we have links to sites about this. We have links to larger directories for fitness and even general directories. No matter where you are, you can find something you want in our directory. If you can not find what you want at Bodybuilder Fitness, look for it in another online store. We hope you have an excellent, Internet experience.

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